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You may find me dreaming by the water, lost on a trail with my pup, napping with my kitties, crying happy tears in my garden and crashing the local markets. Most likely in that order.

Like most I enjoy the simple things. Cute puppies. Flowers. Taking too many pictures. Making pretty jewellery. Eating tacos. Making people happy.

That last one is my favourite.

Currently located in Prince Edward County, surrounded by water, sand dunes, happy people and fresh lilacs - safe to say it has my itty bitty heart.

At the moment I'm enjoying the slower pace of county life. Ever-learning, creating, growing, exploring the map, meeting new folk and sharing all the little things the wind blows my way.

However, moving to the county during that whole pandemic-thing made sharing the things I love, with the people i love, a wee bit hard.

THIS is my place where all of that comes together.

Brittney Flora Co.

Prince Edward County

Above Photos By: @brandon.donadel